Red Fox Designs is owned and operated by Kyle Eley, a husband and father of two. His specialty is working with uncommon woods to make your dream dining tables and specialty pieces. An Air Force veteran, he was previously a fire fighter and paramedic in who did wood working as a weekend hobby. Partnering with a friend flipping houses made him realize that woodworking was his real passion, and now he’s living the dream full-time.

Kyle loves working with the beauty of God’s creation every day. Imperfect, insect eaten, and mold damaged pieces of wood make the most unique designs in already beautiful pieces. He looks for striking patterns and structural integrity in each piece of lumber to create timeless, lasting furniture that a family will gather around for generations to come.

Most recently, Kyle has mastered the newest trend in wood working – epoxy pours. He greatly enjoys the process of incorporating the correct materials to create solid and aesthetically appealing furniture, without a complete blueprint. His epoxy pieces are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. You can see a video of an epoxy pour piece in process here.

If you’re looking for a partner to create heirloom pieces for your home, please reach out to us for pricing details. Kyle’s capabilities include dining tables, coffee tables, desks, shelving units, and more. Lead times on custom pieces are subject to change without notice. Please also visit Portfolio for finished pieces available for purchase. Delivery available within the Austin area.

Check out more of Kyle’s work on Instagram and Facebook